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I changed the theme up a little bit so it was a little more friendly on the eyes and easier to read.  I need to fix some of the plugins, but for the most part this is a cool looking design.  I love its simplicity and I’m looking forward to posting more in the future.  There’s not so much to write about this other than how cool I think it is…lol.  So enjoy!

SHIPdaCHIPS Takes 2nd in $33 MTT on

SHIP has once again caught fire just at the right time.  Fresh off a first-place finish earlier in the week in a similar $33 tournament, our resident pot-smoking poker fiend was at it again — this time taking 2nd place in the morning version of the $33 MTT on PokerStars.  He refused a chop heads up with the lead…obviously a downfall on Stars for some reason (especially when you have the chip lead, lol), and was eventually donkstruck multiple times to take home a piddly payday of almost $2,000.  All in a day’s work regardless.  Congrats bro.

The infamous Mitchell Report was released yesterday by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell.  The 20-month investigation dug deep into baseball’s dark past in regards to illegal steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.  Over 80 players were implicated in the released document, including now-uncertain future Hall of Fame locks Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds.  Commissioner Bud Selig called this a time to act…and that baseball “will act” on the findings.

Being a huge baseball fan myself, this report really doesn’t surprise me after 2005 Congressional hearings in which 2 of my favorite sluggers, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, completely refused to acknowledge their role in taking steroids during their careers.  This report confirmed a lot of what many people, fans, and purists of the game already thought — that steroids is more of a widespread issue than we all originally thought.

I was watching Mike and Mike on ESPN this morning, and Arizona Senator John McCain chimed in on the entire situation.  The sports enthusiast was quoted as saying that the “integrity of the game has been compromised,” and that he hopes baseball gets “serious about the penalties — and serious about steroids.”  McCain went on to say he was most surprised and “disappointed” by the addition of Roger Clemens on the Mitchell Report.   Inside officials that McCain has spoken to on this issue have also said that steroids are a bigger problem than what the general public may know right now.

It is unclear whether Senator John McCain will dedicate a lot of his future political work into developing some type of government doping agency to study and regulate the problem of steroids in sports in general – not just baseball.

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