Comparisons: BMW 750i VS Benz S500 on Interior


Before you read this post,Please read Comparisons: BMW 750i VS Benz S500 on outlook first.Because it is a series of posts about the comparison between BMW 750i and Benz S500.

#1 BMW 750Li Interior

Goting into the driver’s seat, the familiar atmosphere is all around me.From the steering wheel to the instrument panel and center console are the standard BMW-style.BMW 750Li is based on concise,but every detail is meticulously.Two-tone interior with Black and white presents a kind of luxury atmosphere,while the soft leather and exquisite wood grain look is very low-key.On the center console, six-speed automatic transmission gearshift knob and the iDrive multimedia are at left and right.There are some obstacles to hand of.

Getting in the back seat,In the middle console of the front seat,There are a variety of functions keys.a rear-seat entertainment system is consist of the dual-zone independent air-conditioning to DVD player ,Mutlmedia output/input jacks and a 8 inch LCD.However,the central armrest is too large,which i hope there is more space for the seat instead of the central armrest.Besides,The central armrest owns a seat adjustment buttons, and car phone.

#2. Benz S500 interior

Inside of S500, the white tone of the interior  creates a noble and elegant atmosphere.wood trim that Across the center console also made vehicle grade doubled.the progress of 2010 Mercedes-Benz S500 is that steering wheel is finally no longer be the central piece of plastic.Rear compartment is different with BMW 750Li.back seat of Mercedes-Benz S500 design is for the three.spacious enough to take the space to accommodate three adults.

Here is the comparison of Interior between BMW 750Li and Benz S500.Please pay attention to the next post about the comparison of Power between BMW 750Li and Benz S500.

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