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먹튀검증업Radio Presenter Patrick Kinghorn is presenting todays afternoon show live from The Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Guests on the show with Patrick Kinghorn include the one and only Bobby Ball from The Cannon And Ball Show ~ Joe Longthorne and Frank Carson

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach is home to the biggest rollercoaster in Europe. The Blackpool Pepsi Max rollercoaster ride was once the largest rollercoaster in the world.

I have never been to Blackpool so cannot comment myself really about what it’s like up there but you can get an idea of what some of the rides are like from the Blackpool Pleasure Beach website pointed to above.

The rides at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach include ::

These Are Just The Major Rides. (there are 3 times as many family rides)

:: Pepsi Max Big One ~ The tallest fastest rollercoaster in Europe. 235ft high and over one mile of twisting and turning at speeds of up to 87mph.

:: Avalanche ~ The UKs only true bobsleigh ride. A unique rollercoaster guaranteed to thrill. Height restriction: 44″/112cm

:: Bling ~ BLING is a real diamond- knuckle experience for riders as they are lifted a whopping 100 feet above the ground and spun through the air on giant glittering gondolas in three different directions at speeds of 60mph as the ride pulls 2.5gs.

:: Spin Doctor ~ The £1 million Spin Doctor at Blackpool Pleasure Beach consists of two rotating ?propellors? which spin riders 360 degrees through the air to heights of 120 feet at speeds of over 60 mph.

:: The Black Hole ~ The thrill of a waltzer with near darkness, loud music and flashing strobe effects.

:: Grand National ~ Europe’s first twin-track racing coaster was constructed in 1935 and remains one of the most popular wooden rollercoasters in the world

:: Big Dipper ~ A traditional wooden rollercoaster where, World record rollercoaster marathon rider Richard Rodriguez rode the Big Dipper for an incredible three months non-stop, day and night.

:: The Impossible ~ An interactive journey of exploration. Turn your whole world upside down. This attraction is undercover.

:: Ice Blast ~ The first of its kind in the UK, Ice Blast catapults riders vertically up a 210 foot tower at 80mph and thrusts them back again for an incredible hair raising free-fall descent.

:: Irn Bru Revolution ~ Europe’s first 360 degree looping rollercoaster. Height restriction: 50″/127cm

:: Log Flume ~ The world’s longest log flume. Ride the rapids around the twists and turns and down two heart stopping steep drops.

:: Rollercoaster ~ Another classic “Woodie”. The rollercoaster gives you a velvety smooth ride as it takes you through steep drops, climbs and banked turns

:: Space Invader 2 ~ A rollercoaster with a difference. Fly through outer space in near total darkness.

:: Steeplechase ~ You don’t need to be a jockey to enjoy this horse race. Race against your friends on this 3-lane steel coaster ride.

:: Valhalla ~ For the 21st century the biggest and most spectacular water-borne dark ride in the world was designed and constructed at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Costing £15 million, Valhalla is a high speed thrilling ride with unique features, highly themed and incorporating a host of multi-sensory elements. Valhalla is the journey to the immortal resting place of Viking warriors souls combining elements of fire, water, snow and ice

:: Wild Mouse ~ Not for the nervous! This hair raising ride deserves it’s name. Down incredibly steep drops, up hills and whizzing round a seemingly endless array of bends. One of only three remaining traditional wooden Wild Mouse rides remaining in the world.

Blackpool will be the centre of the offline casino trade in the coming years and i’ll be making my way up there at some stage for sure heheh.

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